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Indiana legalizes CBD oil in a 93 - 0 vote!!! 

we found out through an article by channel 13 news


How does CBD work?

We found a great article by Medical News Today, going over how CBDs work in our bodies. We found this article to be very useful in answering many of the questions which many of you have. Check it out!



We found this great article on the Huffington Post that is sure to answer any questions you have about Cannabidiol, or CBD. Check it out!


What the HEMP?


What is Hemp? Many of us have heard the name. but how many of us truly know what Hemp is? we found this helpful article on to help you get in the know!


Let's get things straight!

We often find that many people are confused or misinformed when it comes to CBD and its many uses. It is important to know all the facts so you can find out if adding CBD to your daily intake is right for you. CBDs are wonderful and have many great benefits. We hope this article will help everyone come to a better understanding of its healing properties!